How do I update my contact information?
Log-in using your username and password and then click on "edit profile." You'll be able to update your information there.

I've forgotten my password and/or username. What do I do?
Just below the login form, click on 'Forgot Login?' and follow the directions. An email will be sent to your registered email address reminding you of your password and/or username.


How do I change my username and password to something I can remember?

Log in and go to "edit profile." You can choose your own username and change your password on that form. Make sure to scroll to the bottom and to click "submit" in order to make the changes.


How do I post to the listserve?

Once you have signed up for the listserve (instructions here), send an email to acsaa@acsaa.us from the email account that is subscribed to the listserve. It will be automatically sent to the entire list; there is no moderator for the list. If you receive an error message, confirm that you sent the email from the exact email address you subscribed with.


How do I find out the contact information for an ACSAA member?

As a member of ACSAA, you can search the member database for contact information. Log in and click on "Search Members." You can search by a variety of parameters, including first or last name. Click on the name when it comes up, and you will see the contact information the member has chosen to share with the ACSAA membership.


How do I find an expert in Kushan Buddhist sculpture or Pushpamala N.'s work?
As a member of ACSAA, you can search the member database for areas of expertise. This depends on members filling in the information in the expertise/interests box on their profile form.


How do I open pdf documents?
Go to Adobe's site and download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. This will enable you to read the documents connected with this site.

How do I pay for membership if I live outside of the US?
If you join or renew on-line, you can pay via Paypal, which allows you to pay in most major currencies, including US dollars, pounds sterling, Euros, Indian rupees, and many more. You may also pay directly via credit card. We prefer these methods of payment. You can also send us a check or money order, but it must be in US dollars.


I think Paypal charged me twice (and other payment questions):

Please email the webmaster and/or the treasurer. We can quickly check what happened and help with Paypal's sometimes opaque processes. If possible, contact us before filing a dispute with Paypal; we are a small organization and better able to communicate with you to solve the problem.

Please feel free to e-mail the webmaster, webmaster@acsaa.us, if you have questions about the site.

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