The ACSAA listserve is open to both members and non-members. We hope that participating in the dialogue the listserve provides will convince you to join as a full member, attend the symposia, and add your expertise to ACSAA formally. The listserve is unmoderated and therefore we rely on your professional judgment as to what is appropriate and inappropriate for posting to a forum designed as a venue for scholarly exchange and networking.  Posts that share and discuss scholarship, issues, and publication & event info are encouraged.  Comments, queries, and solicitations of a commercial or propagandistic nature are discouraged. Subscribers who continue to submit questionable posts may be removed from the listserve.

If you are already a member of ACSAA and wish to opt in or out of the listserve, please sign in and click on "Listerve (members)" from the links that appear after log-in at the top left.

If you wish to be added to Listserve but do not wish to be a member of ACSAA then please email the request to and we will manually add you to the list.

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