Jaina Painting and Manuscript Culture: In Memory of Paolo Pianarosa

Julia A. B. Hegewald, ed.
Jaina Painting and Manuscript Culture: In Memory of Paolo Pianarosa
Studies in Asian Art and Culture Volume 3.
EB-Verlag, Berlin, 2015.
ISBN: 978-3-86893-174-7

This volume commemorates the Jaina scholar and book collector Paolo Pianarosa (1949–2010) from Turin. The collection of twelve chapters presents new research on Jaina manuscript culture. It introduces the reader to so far unpublished palm leaf and paper manuscripts, miniature paintings, cosmological and large-scale pilgrimage banners, printed texts and maps. These come from private, museum and library collections and are introduced by expert authors who are based at a number of renowned international institutions. Scripture represents the word and the formalised teachings of the fordmakers. Therefore, texts are kept in religious libraries and are treated with the same respect as consecrated statues. Because of their religious significance many have been elaborately decorated. Painted panels have been integrated between text blocks and the book covers have been adorned with colourful images.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1
Introduction: Jaina Manuscript Culture and the Pianarosa Library in Bonn
Julia A. B. Hegewald

Chapter 2
Studying Jainism: Life and Library of Paolo Pianarosa, Turin
Tiziana Ripepi

Chapter 3
The Multiple Meanings of Manuscripts in Jaina Art and Sacred Space
Julia A. B. Hegewald

Chapter 4
Jaina Paintings and Manuscripts in the Victoria and Albert Museum
Nick Barnard

Chapter 5
Cultural Cache
Nachiket Chanchani

Chapter 6
Cause and Effect: Illustrating the Pañcakalyāṇaka
Robert J. Del Bontà

Chapter 7
Illustrations from a Bhūpālacauvīsīkāvyabhāṣārtha Manuscript
Patrick F. Krüger

Chapter 8
Narratives, Visuals, Performances: Manuscripts of Jaina Stories in Vernaculars
Nalini Balbir

Chapter 9
Illustrated Jaina Collections in the British Library
Jennifer Howes

Chapter 10
Reading Śatruñjaya Paṭas as Mnemonics: Performing Mental Pilgrimages of Devotion (Bhāva Yātrā)
Andrea Luithle-Hardenberg

Chapter 11
Colossi and Lotus Feet: Paṇḍitas and Bhaṭṭārakas in the North Indian Digambara Legacy
Eva De Clercq and Tillo Detige

Chapter 12
The Transmission of the Devotional Songs of Ānandghan
Imre Bangha


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