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Book: Signature: Patterns in Gond Art

Signature: Patterns in Gond Art

Edited by Gita Wolf, Bhajju Shyam and Jonathan Yamakami

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Book: Meister, Temples of the Indus

Temples of the Indus

Studies in the Hindu Architecture of Ancient Pakistan

Michael W. Meister


Brill's Indological Library, 35

ISBN-13 (i):

978 90 04 18617 0


90 04 18617 4

Number of pages:

xvi, 174 pp, incl. 80 pp of illustrations

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€ 93.00 / US$ 132.00


In Pakistan's northwest, a sequence of temples built between the sixth and the tenth centuries provides a missing chapter in the evolution of the Hindu temple in South Asia. Combining some elements from Buddhist architecture in Gandharā with the symbolically powerful curvilinear Nāgara tower formulated in the early post-Gupta period, this group stands as an independent school of that pan-Indic form, offering new evidence for its creation and original variations in the four centuries of its existence. Drawing on recent archaeology undertaken by the Pakistan Heritage Society as well as scholarship from the Encyclopaedia of Indian Temple Architecture project, this volume finally allows the Salt Range and Indus temples to be integrated with the greater South Asian tradition.

Book: Peonies and Pagodas: Embroidered Parsi Textiles from the Tapi Collection

edited by Shilpa Shah & Tulsi Vatsal; ISBN: 9788190593519

In a land that boasts of an ancient, rich and varied textile and costume tradition, the Parsis— a community descended from Zoroastrian migrants who fled from Iran and landed on the Indian coast in the eighth century—developed, during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a style of dress visibly distinct from that of other Indian groups among whom they lived. This period was the high noon of the British Empire in India, as it was, too, for the small, but avowedly cosmopolitan, well educated, outward looking and commercially successful Parsi community. During this time, and up until the mid- twentieth century, Parsi clothing was distinguished by an identifiably different style for both genders, including upper and lower garments, headgear and footwear, with embroidery remaining a hallmark of their women’s clothing.

Books: Mughal Gems & Maharajas

Two books of interest to members from the David Brown Book Company


Gems and Jewels of Mughal India: Jewelled and Enamelled Objects from the 16th to 20th Centuries

by Pedro Moura Carvalho, with contriutions by Henrietta Sharp Cockrell and Stephen Vernoit


Maharaja: Pracht der indischen Fürstenhöfe

edited by Anna Jackson, Amin Jaffer, and Christiane Lange


Book: Dallapiccola, South Indian Paintings

South Indian Paintings: A Catalogue of the British Museum Collection

by Anna L. Dallapiccola

London: British Museum, 2010

ISBN: 978-0-7141-2424-7


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