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Book: Louise Allison Cort and Purna Chandra Mishra, Temple Potters of Puri

Temple Potters of Puri [2012]
Louise Allison Cort and Purna Chandra Mishra
Ahmedabad: Mapin, 2012
ISBN13:  0944142753
ISBN10: 978-0944142752

The book describes the potters' long history as temple servants, drawing on temple records, oral tradition, and the Oriya-language Kurala Purana. A DVD (filmed by Cynthia Cunningham Cort) shows the potters' working processes and also the events of their annual festival, Kurala Panchami. The book also sets out the use of the pots within the temple by the cooks, puja officiants, and other categories of temple servants, notably their role in the production of the temple's mahaprasada.

Book: Gary Michael Tartakov, ed., Dalit Art and Visual Imagery

Dalit Art and Visual Imagery [2012]
Edited by Gary Michael Tartakov
Oxford University Press
ISBN13: 978-0-19-807936-1
ISBN10: 0-19-807936-2
This volume creates a seamless narrative of Dalit identity through use of visuals and accompanying explanatory texts. Spanning the historical and contemporary period, the volume investigates the representation of Dalit identities in Buddhist imagery, Hindu temples and traditional caste system, popular art and painting, and state-sponsored architecture and sculpture.

Raising the face of contemporary untouchability into view, it explores the uses of visual imagery by, for and against Dalits in Indian society. Where are the images of Dalit oppression in the Hindu temple or Dalit triumph in the Navayana Buddhist viharas? How have Dalits used images of B.R. Ambedkar to bring their reality before the nation? How are Dalits attempting to use visual imagery to describe the world around them, work out their own identities and to shape their destinies? The collection offers a variety of approaches to the study of visual imagery and issues of Dalit experience.

This book will be of considerable interest to scholars and students of Dalit studies, sociology, modern Indian history, and religion (particularly Buddhism) and others concerned with caste politics.


171 illus.; 9.7 x 7.1; ISBN13: 978-0-19-807936-1ISBN10: 0-19-807936-2

Table of Contents
1. Art and Identity: The Rise of a New Buddhist Imagery , Gary Michael Tartakov
2. The Hindu Temple as the Representation and Instrument of Caste in Traditional India , Gary Michael Tartakov
3. New Paths to Sanchi , Gary Michael Tartakov
4. The Politics of Popular Art: Maharashtra , Gary Michael Tartakov
5. Learning the Use of Symbolic Means: Dalits, Ambedkar Statues and the State in Uttar Pradesh , Nicolas Jaoul
6. The Navayana Creation of the Buddha Image , Gary Michael Tartakov
7. Navayana Buddhists on the Public Stage , Gary Michael Tartakov
8. Ambedkar Jayanti, Hierarchy and the Darshan Effect , Owen M. Lynch
9. Mithila Painting: The Dalit Intervention , David L. Szanton
10. Dalit Painting Seen from the Outside , Gary Michael Tartakov
11. The Dalit Iconography of an Expressionist Imagination , Saurabh Dube
12. Dalits, Art and the Imagery of Everyday Life , Gary Michael Tartakov
13. Sister Mysore Seeks the Canon , Gary Michael Tartakov

Journal: Carey and Graves, eds., Islamic Art Historiography

Guest edited by Moya Carey (V&A) and Margaret S. Graves (Indiana University)



Book: Milo Beach, The Imperial Image: Paintings for the Mughal Court [2012]

Milo C. Beach
Revised and Expanded Edition
ISBN 9781935677161
Mapin Publishing

In this revised and expanded edition of his popular 1981 book, Dr. Milo Beach presents the superb collection of Mughal painting in the Freer Gallery of Art. He adds many of the outstanding works that entered the collection with the opening of the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in 1987.

Book: Deepali Dewan. Embellished Reality: Indian Painted Photographs.

Deepali Dewan
Toronto: Royal Ontario Museum Press, 2012.
ISBN 978-0-88854-481-0

A painted photograph, understood broadly, is paint on a photographic surface applied through retouching, tinting, hand-colouring, or other methods. This can range from only a few brushstrokes to an opaque layer of paint that entirely covers the photographic print. Painted photographs can seem surprising or remarkable to the contemporary eye but were common in the early history of photography when paint and the photograph had a far closer relationship than they do today. Ranging from the quickly executed to the stunningly beautiful, painted photographs were markers of modernity, combining past and present visual forms into new hybrid varieties. Introduced in the latter half of the nineteenth century, at a time when the world was seemingly getting smaller through ever-increasing trade, travel and tourism, painted photographs gave colour to black-and-white images of a changing world and new ways of being.

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