ACSAA Bulletin Submission Request

Deadline: May 15, 2010

Details: It’s time to submit news for the annual ACSAA Bulletin! Please help us to keep track of your activities by sending individual news, conference presentations, awards, exhibited work, new positions, and/or recent publications. We also welcome brief reviews of books and exhibitions as well as summaries/reflections of conferences, panels, and workshops.

Report: 2009 Business Meeting, CAA

Dear ACSAA Members,

    ACSAA’s annual business meeting was held on February 28th in conjunction with the College Art Association conference in Los Angeles. We acknowledged the important contributions made by outgoing ACSAA treasurer Cynthia Packert, who looked after our finances for multiple terms, and board member Rebecca Brown. Rebecca, however, will continue in her role as webmaster for ACSAA. ACSAA’s new treasurer is Deborah Hutton and Tamara Sears has joined as board member.

New ACSAA Officers and Board Members

Congratulations to Catherine Becker, our new Secretary, and Lisa Owen, our new Board Member. Many thanks to all those who put their names forward for consideration and to the membership for their participation in the vote.


Our immense gratitude to our outgoing board members, Julie Romain and Janice Leoshko, for their outstanding service to ACSAA during their tenure on the board.

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