Report: 2009 Business Meeting, CAA

Dear ACSAA Members,

    ACSAA’s annual business meeting was held on February 28th in conjunction with the College Art Association conference in Los Angeles. We acknowledged the important contributions made by outgoing ACSAA treasurer Cynthia Packert, who looked after our finances for multiple terms, and board member Rebecca Brown. Rebecca, however, will continue in her role as webmaster for ACSAA. ACSAA’s new treasurer is Deborah Hutton and Tamara Sears has joined as board member.

Outgoing treasurer Cynthia Packert reported a higher bank balance this year, which is reassuring as we transition into the digital age supporting a website with uncertain associated costs.
    The website now carries curriculum vitae of members who wish to post theirs. Tamara Sears spearheaded the addition of a section on beginning a career in the field.  Lisa Owen is in the process of putting together this year’s ACSAA Bulletin, a printed publication that will be mailed to all members. Her call for news and information has been sent out. We talked about the future of this publication, whether it should remain hardcopy or shift to digital. Your input is welcome.
    Rebecca Brown is chairing the nominations committee for this year’s election for the positions of secretary and board member.
    Molly Aitken is organizing ACSAA’s informal 90-minute session for CAA 2010, and Tamara Sears is seeking proposals a formal ACSAA-sponsored panel for CAA 2011.

    At the business meeting we also announced the next two ACSAA symposia. A call for papers has already been sent out (and is posted on the ACSAA website) for the symposium that will be held in October 2009 jointly with the conference “New Darshans: Seeing South Asian Religiosity and Visuality Across Disciplines. The event is co-organized by Natalie Marsh and John Cort at Denison University and Hugh Urban at Ohio State University.
    In the spring of 2011 Rick Asher will host the ACSAA symposium at the University of Minnesota.
    ACSAA’s official business meeting for 2010 will be held in conjunction with the Association for Asian Studies conference. Hoping to see many of you there, and many of you at the Denison – Ohio State conference next October.

Susan S. Bean
ACSAA President


posted: 25 March, 2009 

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