ACSAA publications have taken a number of formats since the early days and we intend to provide a full archive of past documentation on the website. Publications are available to members only and can be accessed via the 'Publications' section of the members-only area.

The ACSAA Bulletin began in 2008 in concert with the newly expanded website. Published annually in print, it contains information about new members, member publications, essays on the state of the field, and reports about symposia, conferences, and other meetings of ACSAA members.

The ACSAA Newsletter preceded the Bulletin and was a twice-yearly publication, appearing in the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter of each year. We are currently collating all past editions of the newsletter with a view to having them available as digital scans on the website.

NEW!  Graduate Program Listings - 2016
List of graduate degree-granting institutions within North America that have one or more specialists in the field of South and Southeast Asian art and visual culture.

The ACSAA Bibliography had nine volumes covering publications in South and Southeast Asian art across the years 1973-1998. It is no longer produced by ACSAA. The original volumes will be added to the members area in due course.

ACSAA Color Slide Sets
For those seeking information about ACSAA's color slide project please click here.

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